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Graphics Today: The Project "Unrest"

Graphics Today: The Project In the historical context of ideological confrontation, art offers and undertakes freedom, which is able to generate innovations, currents, aesthetic revolutions and a dialog between attitudes and positions. The novelty and the experiment are based on tradition and it’s valued ideas. Tradition, operates as a positive factor and provides the influx of substance and ingredients which develops culture and modern art. Signals, radiated from this perspective are acknowledged as our culture and they are saving the priorities of the local one, characteristic for this relief. As a result we have a coexistence of new tendencies and traditions, which allows us to open new horizons in the development of the idea and graphic language. Today between them lies a large and fertile field for leverage. I study and analyze this space systematic, in order to offer new solutions in the balance between tradition and the attraction of new technologies. It’s no doubt that my own way lies on a border between reunited mentalities and new suggestions in the area of modern art. My style, without any concrete model is to refuse the style traps. It contains flashbacks, visions and just inventions, memory and a modern perception of life. The effect which carries a certain interval of time and affects existence and creation is extracted and inflicted on paper or canvas in my own style. I step intentionally in the conglomerate of signs and characters, forming this way my personal dictionary. The most important is the power of space above people and objects. In such a context is developing a stylistic formula. The combination of the old and new ideas, forms under an sentimental infinite space and consists as a "puzzle" of supervisions, fantasies and memory. Through all years, developing as an artist I came to the present project "Unrest". This project is the symbiosis of graphic arts and painting. The result of this symbiosis is seal of traditional graphic arts on a canvas, which allows traditional graphic arts to outgrow in a new monumental format. I plan to work on this project a few years, including personal exhibitions in our country and abroad.

album Remembrance

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